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An immersive dive into AI innovation.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of AI innovation at GDG Jammu. Stay tuned for updates! #GDGJammu #AI #Innovation

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IWD Jammu

International Women’s Day (IWD) is Women Techmakers’ largest annual event campaign where Ambassadors host events all around the world during the months of March and April in celebration of this moment. For IWD 2023, The theme “Dare To Be,” empowering our community to have courage, to dream big and to be bold. #WTMDareToBe
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IO Extended Jammu

Google I/O Extended is the community led counterpart to Google I/O, our annual Google led conference where the world hears about Google’s latest developer solutions, products, and technology. It's bring the knowledge and excitement of Google I/O to developers on a city level, all around the globe.
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Build for everyone

"Building for Everyone” is a community-led event series entirely focused on Accessibility and Inclusion in Technology, with the mission to educate developers to incorporate accessibility best practices into their products, and to raise awareness about Accessibility guidelines and tools.
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Android Study Jam

Android Study Jams are community-organized study groups for people to learn how to build Android apps, using curriculum provided by Google. At the end of the program, we will organize a fun challenge for participants to create an Android app that tackles a local community problem.
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